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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Management - My Leadership Principles 1

  1    Any goal is impossible until you find the way to achieve it.

  2    You only fail when you give up trying.

  3    You cannot be the best unless you learn how to improve.

  4    You cannot win unless you bet.

  5    Take one step at a time but don't ever stop.

  6    Your success depends more on what you believe than on what is true.

  7    Ask yourself whether you deserve what you are getting before trying to get what you think you deserve.

  8    The only real proof that you can do something is that you have already done it.

  9    The tiniest lie has the power of compromising the greatest truth.

10    No lie is small enough to be insignificant.

11    The less you say, the more you will be listened to.

12    From the back you can only push. Get in front if you want to lead.

13    One picture counts more than thousand words, but a few good words can count more than thousand

bad pictures.

14    Listen to your emotions but don't let them take over.

15    It is better to show emotions than to be an emotional cripple.

16    Unexpressed ideas don't count.

17    It's easy to reach an agreement with those who already think like you.

18    It's easy to bring good news.

19    The worst jails are those we create ourselves.

20    The highest the pedestal you put yourself on, the less you will hear the people around you.

21    It's easy to delegate what you don't like to do.

22    If you open trapdoors before people, watch your own steps.

23    You can only claim that you trust somebody if you don't check on him.

24    It's difficult to get anywhere if you keep your eyes shut.

25    You cannot be a leader without taking sides.

26    Before making any decision, ask yourself whether somebody else could do it. If yes, let him.

27    If you must decide, do it now.

28    You must admit your mistakes if you want to learn from them.

29    There cannot be improvement without expressing negative opinions.

30    Don't hesitate in criticising what people do but never criticise people for what they do.

31    It's easier to find faults than to see what is missing.

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