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Monday, July 19, 2010

Management - My Leadership Principles 2

32    You can only see further if you stick your neck out.
33    Listen to those who stay quiet and talk to those who speak a lot.

34    You don't always need to say something in order to tell people off.
35    Don't hope to be trusted if you cannot trust.
36    Don't offend the intelligence of people by telling them what they know that you are not thinking.
37    To delegate a decision after telling what you would do is no delegation at all.
38    If you treat adults like children, don't be surprised when they put up a tantrum.
39    An undeserved praise can be more damaging than an unjustified reproach.
40    You seldom get more than what you ask for.
41    Give before you ask.
42    The more you try to make people lose, the less likely you will win.
43    If you win, be generous with the losers.
44    Try to be as successful as others, rather than attempting to make them as unsuccessful as yourself.
45    If you don't know where you are going, don't expect to get there soon.
46    Improvements are changes and there are no changes without risks.
47    If you are not sure whether to say something, why should you decide not to?
48    Silences are more often misunderstood than words.
49    If you cannot express something in few words, then use many.
50    If you cannot make small changes, don't expect to be able to make big ones.
51    Any destination is unreachable if you don't know where you are.
52    Every thousand mile journey begins with a single step (Ghandi).
53    Before you accepts something free of charge, be sure that you can afford it.
54    What is the point of telling lies to somebody who doesn't believe what you say?
55    The less you need something, the more people will be willing to give it to you.
56    Don't confuse being innocent with not having been caught.
57    Perhaps you cannot always say what you think, but at least don't say what you don't think.
58    Don’t confuse politeness with friendliness.
59    You cannot convince who doesn’t want to be convinced.
60    To be generous with what doesn’t matter is cheap.
61    Don’t try to explain the unexplainable.
62    You don’t always need to control your emotions, but never let them control you.

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