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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A message from the FBI?

This post is about somebody impersonating the Director of the FBI on Facebook.

Yesterday, I received the following request from Facebook:

This Robert Mueller appeared to be with the FBI. As we had some friends in common, I accepted his request. Then, I sent him a message where I asked him why he wanted to become a Facebook friend of mine. He replied with the following message:

Obviously, I was very sceptical! Robert Mueller III is in fact the current Director of the FBI. One could imagine that dozens of minions at his command could maintain his Facebook account, but this message seemed perfectly designed to lure me into revealing more than what is contained in my Facebook profile, which is almost empty precisely for security reasons.

I therefore replied that I was not going to provide any information unless he could give me an alternative and verifiable email address or telephone number.

He replied as follows:

At this point, I marked the message as spam and blocked the Robert Mueller’s profile on Facebook with the motivation that I believed it to be an impersonation of a public figure.

We’ll see how Facebook will react...

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