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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sudoku Programming

I have finally completed my book “Sudoku Programming”.

The purpose of this book is to teach you how to write computer programs to solve and generate Sudoku puzzles. If you love Sudoku and have some knowledge of computer programming, you will have no problem in understanding the code of my Sudoku Solver and Sudoku Generator.

I have included in the book the full listings of both programs and an explanation of each C module, with walk-throughs and examples. To make your life easier, I have also included a description in detail of the sixteen solving strategies implemented in the Solver and a summary of the C language.

By following the instructions contained in this book, you will be able to create a practically unlimited number of original Sudokus. To stimulate your creativity, I have also added a chapter about Samurai Sudokus, and a program to help you generate them.

This is a practical book that will provide you with everything you need to write your own books of Sudoku Classic and Samurai puzzles.

It includes 365 pages, 107 figures, and 111 listings. Inside the book, you will also find the URL from which you can obtain the source files. And here is the top-level table of contents:

Table of Figures
Table of Listings
About the Author
1. Modelling a Sudoku Puzzle in C
2. The Strategies
3. Main Program & Utilities
4. Implementing ‘unique’
5. Implementing ‘naked’ Strategies
6. Implementing ‘hidden’ Strategies
7. Implementing ‘box-line’
8. Implementing ‘pointing-line’
9. Implementing ‘lines’ Strategies
10. Implementing ‘Y-wing’
11. Implementing ‘XY-chain’
12. Implementing ‘rectangle’
13. Implementing ‘backtrack’
14. Solving Thousands of Puzzles
15. Generating Sudokus
16. Puzzle Statistics
17. Puzzles
18. Samurai Sudokus
A. Introduction to C
B. Development Environment
C. Puzzle Solutions
D. Abbreviations & Acronyms
Strategy Index

After talking with some possible publishers, I arrived to the conclusion that it would be almost impossible to find for it a suitable “home” and decided to self-publish it. For now, it is only available on Lulu, either in print for US$30.00 or as an eBook in PDF format for US$4.99.

It will become available on Amazon and other online retailers, but it is unlikely that you will see it in a brick-and-mortar bookstore. Bookshops are very reluctant to buy books printed on demand because they cannot return unsold copies.

What are you waiting for?


  1. I see it's helpful post from various aspects.

  2. Thanks, but I was forced to retire the book when Apress published an updated version with the title "Sudoku Programming with C"