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Friday, August 12, 2011

Giza-IQ Test - Questions 15 to 20

Here are the last six numeric questions.  As usual, I will post the answers one by one in the near future.

2.05    ? W R O F ? V I N E ?

2.06    John has two girlfriends, Linda and Iris. Just in front of John’s place, there is a bus stop for the lines 23 and 37. Line 23 takes him to Linda, while line 37 takes him to Iris. The buses come equally often. Every day, John visits one of his girlfriends. Without looking at his watch, he takes the first bus that comes. After a few weeks though, Linda calls him crying and tells him that she doesn’t want to see him anymore. If he cared about her, she says between sobs, he would visit her more often than once a week. How can it be?

2.07    1011, 1001, 1011, 1010, ?, ?, ?, ?

2.08    Minesweeper is a computer game included in all versions of Microsoft Windows. If 10 mines are placed at random within a field of 5 x 4 positions and you start a round of the game by clicking on a position at random, what is the probability that all the positions adjacent to the one you have clicked on are occupied by mines? Provide the answer as a percentage with three digits after the decimal period.

2.09    628318530717??

2.10    In a game of Bingo with 90 numbers, what is the probability that the first five numbers drawn are in increasing order? (e.g., 2 6 25 72 83 or 50 53 77 82 89)

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