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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Double CalcuDoku #2

I can now generate Double CalcuDokus with any overlapping, although, at least for the time being, the overlapping region can only be a square.  Here is an example of a 6x6 overlap:

I find puzzles with large overlaps more interesting. It makes it easier to exploit the fact that the cells of each row and columns that are not share must coincide.  For example, in the above example, the three bottom cells of the middle column of the right puzzle include two singles: a 4 and a 2.  This means that also the top three cells of the same column must include a 4 and a 2.  As the 2-cell cage "9x" cannot possibly contain an even digit, it means that the they must be in the other two cells.

And here is an example of a 7x7 overlap:

The "edge effect" is particularly strong when the overlapping is 7x7, and makes the solution of the overall puzzle easier.  To keep the difficulty at a challenging level, I have therefore tweaked the configuration parameters and made the individual puzzles a bit more difficult.  Notice that in the above example there are three 5-cell cages and seven 4-cell cages.

I have just published a book with one hundred puzzles:

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