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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Puzzling year indeed

In yesterday's article, I forgot to say that in 2011 I also developed a CalcuDoku-solving game for the iPad (search iTunes for CalcuDokus and you'll find it in your local iTunes store).

I first made a $0.99 version with 100 puzzles, and then a free version with 17 puzzles and advertisements.

Despite my attempts at getting some review sites to look at it, the results were quite disappointing.  Apple's AppStore is saturated with applications, and it has become very difficult to get noted.  Big games-developing companies systematically hit jackpots, but nanodevelopers like me have close to no chance.

Far from me the idea that my application is exceptionally good and overlooked.  But I am pretty sure that a couple of years ago, it would have sold reasonably well.  So, why did I wait for 2011 and a saturated market before developing for the iPhone/iPad?  Because I am stupid.  That's why.  I did the same with the Web: in the early nineties, instead of being one of the first web developers on the market, I developed an application for the Mac (MacDOS) that went nowhere.

Another missed opportunity...

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