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Friday, January 18, 2013

That's the deal!

Some time ago, at the cafeteria of the University of Canberra, I ordered a muffin and a short black coffee and was asked to pay five dollars.

Yesterday, I went again to the same cafeteria, again ordered a muffin and a short black and was told to pay $6.70. When I picked up the coffee from the lady who was working the espresso machine, I asked: “When is the offer of $5 for a coffee and a muffin valid?”

“Why, always.” She answered.

“Then why was I asked to pay $6.70? I want my 1.70 back!” I said while smiling.

At that point, the lady who had been at the cash register came back and told me that the special offer of $5 for a sweet and a coffee was for a medium-sized coffee, not for a short one.

I pointed out that clearly the offer was designed to exclude large coffees, which cost more, not small black ones, which use less energy, less water, and no milk.

I found it so outrageous that I couldn’t let her get away with such nonsense. Finally, after some insistence from my part, she relented and refunded me my $1.70. But she was clearly annoyed and, while giving me the money, she complained “But that’s the deal...”

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