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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My custom tiles for Carcassonne

I have played so far 94 games of Carcassonne, of which 89 where with The River extension, and 86 with the additional extension Inns and Cathedrals.  Additionally, I also played 17 times Carcassonne's Winter Edition, which is almost identical to the standard game.


I have a couple of other extensions, but I like best the combination of the basic game plus The River and Inns and Cathedrals.

That said, I started thinking that a couple of tiles where missing, and decided to make them myself.  Note that I always play Carcassone by taking the tiles from a canvas bag (rather than from piles as recommended in the rules).  Therefore, it doesn't really matter to me whether the back of the tiles I make looks identical to that of the original set.  That is, to be playable, my tiles only need to feel like the standard ones.

I used PaintShop Pro to edit scanned images of existing tiles, printed them on matt self-adhesive paper, and stuck them onto the right type of cardboard.

The first tiles I added where two each of the following ones:

Then, I decided to extend Inns and Cathedrals by adding the following two:

And finally, I extended The River by adding a river branch, (which required an additional river end) and a straight section of river:

But there was a problem with The River: I usually play the 10 tiles (now 12) by simply turning them face down on the table.  To be able to keep doing that, I made my own source and both ends.  This allowed me to stick the new river branch and the new river section to the front of the original source and end.  This worked because the additional thickness of the tiles due to the adhesive paper is not enough to make the tiles distinguishable when they are face down.

If you want to reproduce the tiles, download the images in this articles and print them with the scale of 100%.  As they have a resolution of 600dpi, they look as good as the originals!


  1. Did you use Photoshop to create the assets?

  2. Hi Alex,

    Thanks for your interest and sorry for not replying earlier. I was in a hotel in LA and the WiFi was lousy. Would you believe it? I'll have to note them down on tripadvisor.com. I arrived yesterday back home in Canberra and am going through the backlog of emails.

    To answer your question, I used PaintShopPro on high-resolution scans of existing tiles, rather than Photoshop. I don't have Photoshop and I think I will never buy it, because I don't do much graphic work and also because I find Adobe's policy of forcing you to pay a yearly fee for their programs hateful!

    Incidentally, I no longer use the T section of the river, because it resulted in less pleasurable games.

    Ciao, Giulio.

  3. Hi, Where did you get the original tiles high resolution images from?

  4. Hi. I didn't say I had high resolution images. I said "high resolution scans" of standard tiles, which were easy to make with my cheap printer/scanner/copier. :-)

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