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Friday, January 17, 2014

Yet another (stupid) email scam

A fourth article about Internet scams.  This time, I want to show you how stupid an email scam can be and, once more, how easy it is to recognise it.  Here is a snapshot of the email I received a couple of days ago:

It is a scam in Italian because it was sent to an Italian email address of mine (which you can actually see at the bottom of the image).  It says that I have exceeded the PayPal limit (never heard of such a thing; have you?) and that, according to a new Italian law (?!?), unless I update my profile information, the account will be suspended.  To update my account, I should click on the link.

When I took the snapshot, I hovered with the cursor over the link, so that the actual link could be captured at the bottom of the email client's window.  The text of the link indicates a secure link to paypal.com, but the page it is pointing to actually is on davidserra.es.  Either this David Serra from Barcelona is so stupid that he shows his real domain name, or somebody has highjacked it.  In any case, it is clear that the email has nothing to do with PayPal.

Furthermore, why should PayPal send an email from admin@webbergrp.com?

In any case, any Italian with a minimum of brain would have dismissed the scam even without checking the link, because the text is not grammatically correct.  You cannot possibly believe that PayPal would send emails with grammar mistakes, would you?

The worst mistake is that the email addresses the customer in three different ways: with "voi" (a plural "you" also used in the past as a form of respect), "lei" (a singular "you" with people you don't know), and "tu" (an informal singular "you").  There are also at least four adjectives that do not match gender and/or number of the corresponding nouns.

I wonder whether this David Serra (or whoever the scammer is) has managed to obtain with this email credit card or banking information.  If he did, I am almost inclined to say that those "customers" deserved to be scammed because of their stupidity!

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