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Sunday, August 17, 2014

How to avoid accumulating unread books

I only buy books that I am pretty confident I will read (it wasn't always like that!), but I have still been buying more books than I can read.  For example, last year, I read 57 books but bought 69.  As a result, the shelf I reserve for books I haven't yet read contains 62 books of non-fiction and 16 of fiction.

A couple of months ago, I instituted a new rule: I only allow myself to buy one book after reading two of the books I already have.  This means that I should drain my backlog of books in approximately two and a half years, after reading (62 + 16) x 1.5 = 117 books.

But I can always decide that I am not going to read some of the books I already have...   ;-)

The article on The book is dead, by Sherman Young, will be next.


  1. Excellent idea. I will try to use the same rule to avoid a growing list of pending books...

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